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Although the country faces much difficulty when it comes to staying united through difficult times, cricket has helped unite the nation.

Even if it is for just one day, the country comes together to cheer the Indian team as they play the game that they are evidently really good at.

At the end of the day, we stand together whether it is to celebrate the victory or mourn the loss.

Cricket IPL Live is never missed out on in any household in the country.

Cricket News

The Border – Gavaskar Trophy is a Test cricket series played between the Indian Subcontinent and Australia.

Kicking off in ‘96, the Border- Gavaskar Trophy is of much value in the world of Cricket.

But of course, the nation values the Cricket IPL Live more than any tests, solely because that brings a sense of competition among states, and the thrill never gets old.

With the game’s location alternating between India and Australia, this year, it was held in Australia amid the treacherous pandemic.

The 2020 edition of this Trophy did not disappoint. The Cricket News this year was definitely top-notch.

The Border - Gavaskar Trophy. Cricket News

The Indian team was led to victory by Captain Virat Kohli and Acting Captain Ajinkya Rahane.

Pat Cummins of Australia was declared the player of the Series.

The game was held in four separate test matches, starting at Adelaide then heading to Melbourne.

The Cricket News In Hindi makes it easier for the elders to keep up with the thrill of the game.

After which came Sydney, followed by Brisbane.

Cricket IPL Live

The first game at Adelaide was a day-night test in which India was lucky enough to win.

The toss and thereafter went ahead to choose to bat.

They scored 244 in their first innings, which was led by Captain Virat Kohli.

Who neared a century with 74 runs before being taken down.

The captain of the Australian Team, Tim Paine finished at a close 73 in the next inning.

The techniques in this game were exemplary and the players really went all out.

The second test at Melbourne saw Australia winning the toss and therefore choosing to bat.

With 195 runs in the first innings, they moved to the second inning.

Where skipper Ajinkya Rahane took a century and further increased the team’s lead by 131 runs.

Australia vs. India in Sydney Cricket IPL Live

Australia vs. India in Sydney

The third was played in Sydney, where Australia again won the toss and chose to bat, with a first-inning total of 244 and a few let downs here and there.

Australians reclaimed the lead they had lost and shot ahead to 94 runs more than the Indian Team.

The third test technique was remarkable; although multiple injuries were seen, the players claim that the game was worth the pain.

The Cricket News is what brings the country together and as they say, cricket is not just a simple little sport, it is a religion.

The fourth and final game was held in Brisbane. Yet, again, Australia won the toss and chose to bat. Taking a substantial lead of 369 runs in the first innings, including a century by a brilliant player, Marcus Labuschagne.

Although dismissed at 336 in the first inning and given the Australians the lead, the Indian team held their ground strong.

After the sudden bowling out of the Australian Team at 294, the Indian team reached the target despite many of the players’ injuries, and the unit brought back the trophy with much enthusiasm and happiness.

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