A Historic And Sensational Match- India vs England 3rd ODI March 2021

What a riveting match! If you missed out watching this match, do not fret because we are here with the latest cricket update today! No wonder India and England were on edge during the match. A series of balls and sixes and fours swayed the match violently. 

It indeed kept us wondering about who would bag this series. This match brings the scintillating tour of England’s team to a fruitful end. So, let us begin with the India vs England 2021 updates!

True to the saying, “Anything can happen in a match of cricket”, one can say that this match was no less than a thriller show. 

The match began with India’s batting after losing the toss and India went on scoring 84 runs in 12 overs. After 12 overs, we are here with Rohit Sharma news. He lost his wicket and fans were startled as this superb delivery by Rashid knocked off a wicket! Rohit Sharma’s wicket lost by a googly definitely disappointed the fans.

This was followed by a classic comeback by Virat Kohli with a boundary and yet that comeback did not last long as India lost its 2 more wickets by 17.4 overs. And here we are, waiting for the international 71st century of Virat Kohli. This match proved that some of cricket latest update today can be surprised with bowling strategies. 

The match continued with full vigor and zeal and Rishabh Pant emerged with a whopping 78 runs at the end of the innings. 

England started off pretty decent and midway there was no doubt that India would be taking the trophy home. After all, the Bhuvneswar Kumar, Natarajan, and  Shardul Thakur’s bowling trio had knocked off Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Stokes, and Buttler’s wickets.

 However, Sam Curran changed the dynamics of his match with his magnificent display of talent and passion. 

Sam Curran might not be the best cricketer in the world but he sure was crowned as the Man of the Match. While Jonny Bairstow was awarded the Man of the series accolade! Sam Curran went on to score a 95 that terrorized the Indian team with this blazing display of his bat hitting sixes and fours!

Yep, there was a point when the scales tipped in the favor of England when India failed to knock off wickets because of their blunders by dropping off the catches. However, the last 2 overs were glorious in their true forms. With the last over witnessing some deadly Yorkers from Natarajan, we come to the end of this epic match of a lifetime where India managed to bag this series by 7 runs difference!

Both sides did commit their share of blunders but put on a magnificent play that won the hearts of their fans! 

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