Football Rules and Regulations

There are millions of people who are interested in playing soccer in the world. The sport can be played in tournaments, football fields, sports grounds, streets, schools, parks, playgrounds, or anywhere they have a ground that is fit for the game. 

Football is played by players that consist of two groups in which there are  11 players each. Where they have to secure the goals of the opponent’s team within the constructive time-frame given to both of the teams. The team which scores most of the goals is the winner of the game. 

The spectators and participants for the soccer game are quite a lot and it is one of the highly anticipated games in the world. FIFA is a football organization that stands for Federation Internationale de Football Associative and it is a non-profit organization and is the highest governing body of Football. 

The skills required to play the sport are to learn tricks that can help you increase your run-time with the ball to reach the opponent’s team to get a point. The skills one requires are to juggle with the ball, backspin, kick and bounce, step over, head juggling, etc. 

These football skills are required to improve the technique of an individual and to focus on the game. Dribbling the ball is one of the basic football skills for a player to know the game. Receiving, shooting, and passing are different types of basic skills to play the game for beginners. 

The sport has a variety of skills that need to be learned in a certain amount of time. One of the main things a player needs to have is an athletic body and the ability to play the game where they can run, maintain the balance between the ball and their athletic skills. 

Power and accuracy are the two most important skills for a player when they are shooting the ball. The players need to practice and shoot the ball with their feet and for that, they need to have solid contact accuracy. 

The basic aim to play and win the game is to score as many goals as you can in a 90-minute match. The football match will be split into two halves each consisting of a time-frame of 45 minutes and there’s a 15 minutes break time for the players. 

Each team has a goalkeeper on both ends of the field where 10 players will play the sport. The pitch of a football match varies from yard to yard. Some fields can be up to 120 yards and the other fields can be up to 70 yards. The equipment that is required to play the game is the pitch and the football. The players will be wearing boots, shin pads, and matching strips. 
A football match works with simple rules and regulations and to get a point one needs to score towards the opponent’s goal to receive a point and one needs to shoot the whole ball over the line for it to be a legitimate goal.

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