Foundations Of Football

The game of Football originated in Britain in the 19th century. Though various versions of the game were played in groups by the village people and in small towns. The rules prior to the standardisation of the game were minimal and restricted. Well, now football has become the most popular game of 11 players in each team. In order to understand the essential foundations of the game it is necessary to know the basic elements including Football kit, football coach and football goal.  

Football Kit 

Football kit is the most essential element of the game, it refers to the conventional ensemble that is worn by the players. The rules of the game has designated the minimal equipment that each player is supposed to abide by and also it prohibits any ensemble that might be dangerous to any player. Law 4 The Player’s Equipment specifies the rules of the kit as-

Five basic and compulsory equipment have been enumerated to be in the kit. It includes a shirt (jersey), shorts and socks (stockings), footwear and shin pads. The goalkeeper has the exception of wearing a tracksuit instead of shorts. 

Football Coach

Football coaches have a very crucial role to play in the celebrated game of Football. The duties of  a coach are wide and different depending on the interest, qualifications of a coach. He or she might coach professional teams, beginners, children, and young adults. 

Some basic responsibilities of the coach are as follows

  • Analysing and constantly culling out mistakes and shortcomings of the players from the previous games.
  • Building trust and understanding within the team for cooperation throughout the game. 
  • Backbone of the team by constantly building strategies, putting forward tactics and encouraging the players relentlessly. 

The requirements to become a football coach includes a degree in nutrition, sports science, sports first aid or similar. The coach should have some prior experience and strong leadership, motivational, strategic and organizational skills

Football Goal

Football goals determine the outcome of the game. Two lines are drawn at right angle to each other at 6 yards from the interior of the goalpost.The goal area is defined as the region limited by these lines and the goal line.The goalposts are two equidistant structures that cover the centre of the goal line on both the sides of the field. They consist of bars called uprights and horizontal crossbar. A team scores a goal only if the ball passes the goal line between the two uprights of the goalpost without any offence.  

The game of football has become the world’s most loved and sought after-ball game.

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