India Football World Cup Qualifiers – India’s Performance

India Football World Cup, from losing against Qatar to the match being drawn against Afghanistan, India has displayed exemplary performance. The fans were waiting impatiently for the India football team next match. The spectators who witnessed India football match live were taken aback by the robustness displayed by the Indian football team.

Dissecting the first match against Qatar, India lost as they were unable to score a single goal against the opposition’s one. Hatim Abdelaziz scored a goal by beating Gurpreet. Even though Hatim’s shot was blocked the first time, after receiving the ball again he utilized the opportunity. 

India was still able to push through and stop the opponents from scoring another goal. They defended very well and goalkeeper Gurpreet also saved many goals. The Indian team also tried their level best to score although not successful.

India football team next match was against Bangladesh. The Indian captain, Sunil Chhetri scored two crucial goals against Bangladesh‘s strong team. This was India’s first win in the World Cup qualifier. Sunil Chhetri has always been a very talented and promising player. Yet his fans were still overjoyed with his goals.

Bangladesh was portraying a strong defense in the first half. However Indian team was able to break through their defense and emerge victoriously. Fans watching the India football match live were thrilled with India’s performance in this match.

A lot was riding on the next match with Afghanistan. In this match also India was able to draw the match, if not able to win. The score was an own goal by the Afghanistan goalie. During the first 75 minutes, India was leading by one but Hussain Zamaane scored against India in the 81st minute.

India received free kicks but was not able to use them to their advantage. Afghanistan was struggling to win the match whereas India was trying to hold on so that they could qualify. At the end of the day, what matters was that India was able to qualify for the third round by finishing in 3rd place. 

In comparison to India’s performance In the past years, spectators were satisfied with the way India played against the opponents. However, it doesn’t hide the fact that India has a lot of scope for improvement and needs to work on its game better.

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