India vs England: Day 3, Test 2

Day 3 of the 2nd test match has also gone super well! Shining in its usual form, Team India has single handedly dominated the third day of India vs England test series as well. Star performers would have to be R. Ashwin for getting a Century + an early wicket along with Virat Kohli with his half century and Axar Patel for the glorious two wickets. Here’s the cricket match live score.

Getting accustomed to the pitch daily, Team India is fitting in the best. The pitch, although not acceptable for test matches, has turned out to be a boon for Indian spinners. Target of the match would have been challenging enough if kept between 300-400 but India aimed at an even higher score to completely dismay the competition. 

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India vs England Test 2 Day 3 I India dominates England
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Resuming the score from 249 of Day 2, Pujara and Rohit Sharma began the match. Pujara lost the third wicket to a quick and sharp run out by Foakes. Rishabh Pant was promoted over Ajinkya Rahane to come out and score the game as much as he can. Indian team had their priorities and goals set this time, and gave fans across the world a nail-biting  cricket match live score.

The stars of the match entered soon after Sharma, Rishabh Pant, and Ajinkya Rahane. Kohli hit his half century after 107 balls. Ashwin too was near his forties at the moment. One catch missed by Stokes earlier could have changed the game altogether. Ashwin’s off-broad swing would have cost great had it not been missed. 

Because later the star of the day managed to score his third century in Test matches and the first century against England in this series. A special mention to Siraj for helping Ashwin secure this milestone as Kohli departed after scoring 62 because of the keen review by Moeen. It’s safe to say that the unwavering partnership of Ashwin and Kohli has managed to reach the score to where it is now. 

Ashwin was finally bowled after Ishan and Siraj at 286 runs on the team. India on 482 lead with two days still to go. It’s been said that the England team might be off-style because of the different pitch or because the dashing scores by Rohit Sharma on Day 1. 

Reason yet unclear, but whatever it is sure can be changed today. Excellent bowling by Axar Patel (2 wickets) and R. Ashwin (1 wicket) saved and closed the day at 53/3 for England. 

The dominating partnership of R. Ashwin and Virat Kohli along with the early wickets taken by Axar Patel and R. Ashwin in England’s innings have put England under pressure already. 

The target of 482 runs is a herculean task indeed. Not to mention the exhilarating score by R. Ashwin marking his 5th test century and the first century against England in the test. England is yet to score 429 runs whereas India only needs 7 more wickets to close and celebrate a victorious day 4. Stay tuned for more updates!

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