Indian Football Team Coach Complains About Indian Football League Structure

The Croatian coach of the Indian football team refused to accept responsibility for India’s dismal qualification for the World Cup and instead blamed it on local football.

In India, career politicians are frequently censored for their unique choices and ability with style and serenity. The tendency, as it appears, also affected Indian soccer.

Igor Stimac, Indian men’s state football team coach, was outspoken about his disappointment with local football in India. With a mere seven points in 8-day World Cup Qualifiers and a negative difference in goal in a comparatively easy team, the Croatian was not ready for the manner his squad stood exposed to the challenge of grabbing three points from the lesser teams. Each India football player also yearns for more matches which are similar to what Stimac wants.

Indian Football Team Coach - Igor Stimac blaming ISL

Igor Stimac: Indian Football Team Needs To Play More Matches

Indeed, Stimac showed that it was completely up to the current system to make the forgotten show. He also said that his teaching approach should not get targeted because of some other problems. In his view, a boring Indian Super League (ISL) without advertising and inferiority due to lack of support is the most substantial obstacle to growth. Moreover, he highlighted the system where elite players rarely get 30 games to play in a season. Stimac did not accuse the Indian football team but the administration.

In the 1998 World Cup, he was the person who was a member of Croatia’s third place in obviously targeting the system of football in India which was controlled by the ISL. However, he might be correct about this. But suddenly, after an awful season before the World Cup, has the truth been revealed to the coach? Stimac’s lawsuit against the top league was just three months ago. In contrast to that, he praised the ISL on its path to the epidemic and maintained footballers in condition.

No matter what, Stimac is hardly the first individual to alter course in Indian soccer management. The vast list of people with similar opinions is rather lengthy and involves many famous personalities, including the Indian footballer. The problem is why Stimac selected an assault that many see as holy: in the past, numerous leaders walked for a small effort to destroy India’s largest football spectacle.

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