Introduction to Foosball: The Football Table Game Everyone Loves

If you’re looking for an exciting new way to challenge your friends and family, then get ready to play foosball! Foosball (Football table) is a game that is similar to soccer, but instead of using feet or hands, players use rods to kick the ball into their opponent’s goal.

Football Tables Can Fit Anywhere

There are many different types of foosball available on the market today. You can find both professional-quality tables as well as regulation-size models that are perfect for your home. One thing you should keep in mind when shopping around is how much space you have at home. For example, if you live in an apartment with limited space or don’t want a permanent fixture like a table taking up room in your house, there are foldable options available too. That’s it for football background, now let’s dive into the rules.

Introduction to Foosball The Football Table Game Everyone Loves

Foosball Basic Rules

Here are the basic rules when playing foosball on a football table:

1.   No Spinning – Before or after a player shoots the ball, and the shooter cannot spin the rod in excess of 360 degrees. And failing to comply with this rule results in the opponent reserving the ball on their 5-man rod.

2.   No Jarring – To prevent any hindrance or unfair movement, players are not allowed to interact with the table directly or indirectly. If a player strikes violently, it may cause the table to shake or move, potentially affecting the game.

3.   Time Limits – It is by far one of the most crucial rules in foosball. A goalie can not keep the ball with them for over 15 seconds, and others can not keep it for an excess of 10 seconds. It is to prevent a player from stalling the game.

4.   Distractions – If a player wishes to play the game fairly and win with their skill, they must not distract the opponent. Any kind of distraction can result in a penalty. The first penalty results in the opponent reserving the ball on their 5-man rod, and the second time the opponent gets to reserve the ball on their 3-man rod.

5.    Keeping Score – For a fair game, the players should keep a count of scores. A point gets counted when the ball enters the goal.

If you think this game is utterly meaningless and has no use, then you are wrong. Football table gets your hands, especially your wrists, a good exercise. Football exercise of hands is a super good activity to keep your hands in the best shape and pass your time.

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