Sunil Chhetri and Indian Football Team Wishes for More India Football Upcoming Matches

In India, Football Games have become the talk of the town not because of their matches or performance but because of criticism and demands. From famous footballers to coaches and now players. Everyone has criticized how football is handled and run in India. What’s common in this criticism is the gist of it; every player needs to play more.

India Football Game Handlers Have Got It Wrong 

The objection sounds easy to handle, but it is not that straightforward. In the Indian Super League (ISL) or other, the system is a round-robin where each team plays against each other at least two times. Usually, the India football match schedule spans around two or three months, where each team or player gets to play at least ten matches.

It might seem a lot by combining all the leagues they play in. However, there is a tremendous fault in this. The players are playing on a national level and do not get the chance to play against international players. Their exposure to the best of the best teams and players remains almost zero.

Recently India’s national team went to Doha, Qatar, where they played against UAE and Oman. It was the national team’s first match this year abroad since last November of 2019. The massive gap between the periods means the national level player only could play domestic games. The lack of events, even if they are friendly, is an enormous hit to the Indian team and football future. 

Sunil Chhetri and Igor Stimac’s Statements Are the Same

India football upcoming matches are 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualification ones that Sunil Chhetri, along with his team, are currently playing. “The only thing we need to do is give more games to the national team. It is imperative to try and give as many games as possible to the national team,” Chhetri told Sports Today.

Recently Igor Stimac’s statements were making rounds, but he also had the same point of view. It is clear that the administration handling Indian football, whether I-league or the All India Football Federation (AIF), needs more exposure. Domestic matches are great, but international events get players the required exposure.

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