The Purpose of Football Game

The origin of the game is introduced in England, where the modern game of soccer has been introduced in schools where they used to play in the playgrounds, soccer fields, and other barren lands that had a field. 

The game has picked up even more when it started airing on television series which has had enormous growth and everyone was passionate about the sport and club teams were formed that have identities, strong rivalries and a regional fan base. 

Football has been played by many people over the years and there are so many countries participating in the game in leagues. The team which scores the higher goals wins the match. The football material is leather that is covered with an inflated rubber. 

The game is played by scoring the goal in the opponent’s goal by using your head, body or feet. The team players cannot touch the ball with their bare hands; only the goalkeeper can do that. The skills that are required to play the game are basic and need a lean body. 

The players can pass the ball by dribbling and scoring the most goals to win the match or simply kicking the ball to the goal line from a distance and the players can only score the goal from a lot of practice and experience in the field. The goalkeeper tries to defend the ball of the opponent’s team. 

The players who are defenders will try to tackle the ball from the opponent’s team and they can kick or pass the ball for up to 6-7 miles during the match. There’s a referee who watches the match with kneen observation and sets the rules and regulations and keeps a track of the time and has other two assistant referees who patrol the touchlines. 

The game officials make common calls on off-siding and fouling where the players need to be careful about the offside players as they will be given a free kick to the defensive team in the game. As soccer is a physical game, there are bound to happen many fouls and the players need to watch out for the yellow cards for the fouls and typically the opponent’s team might get a free-kick. 

Dribbling is one of the most common and basic skills that players are required to know and understand the gameplay. A player who specialises in dribbling football has an ample score of winning the game. 

The uniform is a part of the equipment of the football game which is a jersey and shorts. All the teammates have a unique coloured jersey that stands out to referees during the play. There’s a kit where the football player includes a jersey, shorts, socks, cleats and shoes and shin guards. Goalkeepers will wear gloves as well. 

The players will also play the game with accurate equipment that will not endanger themselves or other players while playing the game and the equipment includes sharp spikes on the shoes.

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