The Role of Football Officials

The football officials monitor the football game by covering all the aspects from coaches to players and fans; everything is monitored to know the progress of the game. 

There are seven officials in the game where they observe and monitor things and see that no player is hurt severely while playing the game. They set out a structure where rules and regulations are followed without any difficulty and they call out on players when they get a penalty or when a rule is broken. 

Each official has their title to the game and observes the game-play on the field during the match and each official is assigned to their responsibilities like the referee, judge, assistant referees, umpire, etc. 

The position of the referee is one other prominent role in the football game as they control the game and are given final decisions on the field. They make strategic decisions and give a fair judgement to the players and towards the game. 

The role of the referee is to announce all the penalties to the players and also explain the penalties to the team captains and coaches in the game field and also provide details on which player is responsible for the penalties. 

The referee will be placed 10 yards from the quarterback in the game and he also monitors any illegal hits on the quarterback and provides final authority in the game. 

The referee sets out rules and regulations for both the teams during the match and is also responsible for making sportsmanship decisions and is also officially tasked with many other names as umpire, judge and linesmen in the game. 

The football field must have either natural grass or artificial grass in the field. The size of the pitch varies from country to country. The maximum size of the pitch can be up to 100-130 yards and the minimum size of the pitch can be up to 50-100 yards. The weather condition is also forecasted before the match and is monitored all the time. 

The pitch of the football game must be rectangular around the outside and the centre circle must be visible while playing the game and there are also two yard boxes on the football field. The circumference of the football should be around 58-61 centimetres. 

The players in each team consists of eleven but there are additional seven substitute players in the game where they can take the player’s position when they are injured or simply want to be substituted; these players are on the stand-by in the field. Each team can only make three substitutes and not more than that in the game. 

The referee in the game will monitor the game and is a time-keeper of the match and is responsible for making decisions in the field. He is responsible for making decisions on the penalties, yellow cards and fouls that are made in the game by both of the teams. There are two assistant referees present with the referee as well in the field. The referee might consult the assistant referees for taking suggestions and listening to their opinions.

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